Friday, May 3, 2013


Well, It's been awhile. I've had a very busy schedule lately, and have not had the time to get to writing the blog.

I've gotten some reading in, and I'm well past due of turning in a review that I volunteered for. My apologies.

The book, The Wardog's Coin/ Qalabi Dawn by Vox Day is another part of the SF/F genre that Vox has been assaulting the SF/F readers with a blitzkrieg of material.

I'll be honest, this book, good as it may be; was not nearly as rewarding to read as A Throne of Bones, or A Magic Broken. It's good, but just not on the same level.

The Wardog's Coin

So, what's good? The battle. Epic, well played, well written, gives a great visualization. Think Spartacus meets Black Hawk Down. Vox delivers well without fault in this regard.

Weakness? The lead character. He's an roughneck sergeant in a mercenary army in battle. He's character makes you think his life is about war, boozing, and women. My issue is that his character didn't seem *entirely* authentic. During most of the book he seems simple, but in the end he poses an eloquent analogy of life from his perspective. That last notion seemed really out of character, more philosopher than warrior.

It's a small gripe. And it may not bother you at all. I'd give it a 7/10.

Qalabi Dawn

This story is classic Vox. It's out there, starts quickly, floods you with a foreign environment, and just as you move into a territory where you feel like you grasp the situation, the story begins to turn towards the climax. It's a somewhat classic clash of glory blinded officer against a much weaker, and more motivated foe. Maximizing strengths and minimizing weaknesses is what the strategy boils down to. Very much mimicking the Trojan siege of Troy through deception. Interesting characters, and an enjoyable story line. 8.5/10

The price is hard to beat on the two books, and they are short enough to be read in a couple of hours. They provide interesting details into the setting of Selenoth, the environment that A Trone of Bones takes place in. They are worth reading if you enjoyed ATOB, and are looking forward to the next installment. If you haven't yet explored the land of Selenoth but are unsure about tackling ATOB, I'd recommend starting with A Magic Broken.

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