Saturday, March 9, 2013


Ok, if that doesn't just confound everyone, I don't know what will. The car looks like an Enzo and 458 created a bastard child, and it went on to get mixed up with a Tesla Roadster. Needless to say it's pretty radical, and anyone who is a die-hard old school Ferrari fan will probably be disgusted. In a way I am. I don't like the idea of it. But I have to admit, the car looks good, and the torque that the electric could provide, instantaneously, could be very advantageous. I would be like a turbo, without the lag, and added back-pressure. I would imagine that when the electric engine is not consuming, and creating power, that it is acting as a generator to recharge the batteries. This would act as a power robbing feature during normal use, until it's disconnected. Assuming a 90% efficiency, it would rob 181bhp from the base 800hp.

Either way, it's 800bhp from the ICE, and 163 from the electric totaling a maximum of 963bhp. That's definitely enough to get the heart rate up.

Check it out here

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