Thursday, January 24, 2013

Zero Sum

The first sentence is always the hardest. At least for me it always has been. I've never been a comfortable writer. Although there have been days in my past when I've felt that I've written something noteworthy. I've always felt more comfortable in the reasoning. Following and idea from origin to destination. To establish, to contemplate, to expose to criticism, to conclude. Saturate, incubate, illuminate; to borrow from the book The Mission, The Men, and Me. The blog is intended to be a place to expound on ideas, to expose them to criticism, and to reach conclusions. My fascinations, and henceforth topics for this blog, have been and are: Business, economics, physical fitness, philosophy, current events, automobiles, history, diet, and random conflagrations of other topics. Ciphra Summam, the latin translation of this blog being Zero Sum, is a concept I've used commonly in evaluating ideas. The concept is simple prima facie. The use becomes more complicated. The concept is that if there is a credit, there should be a debit to match. If there is a gain to be had, there is a debt to paid elsewhere. If there is an intended consequence being achieved, there is an unintended consequence that will surface. Zero Sum is not the answer to any question, it is only a tool, a tactic if you will, to reach the conclusion. Logic must dictate the conclusion. I'm the master of my logic, the captain of this blog.


  1. "Zero Sum, the Latin namesake for this blog"

    "Zero Sum" means in Latin "I have zero." You should alter that sentence. I got here from Vox Popoli. Good luck with the blog!

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    2. Zero Sum is the translation from Ciphra Summam. But I see the sentence you referred to and corrected it to be a little clearer.
      Thanks for checking it out, VP is what inspired me to start my own blog. Keep coming back.